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Oregon Broker Pre-License Course
Oregon Broker Pre-License Course
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This course meets the required 7 course curriculum and 150 hour requirement of the State of Oregon. Besides providing the required content material, the course is designed to prepare you to pass the State and Exam at one sitting. The course provides interactive links, text learning, and interactive examinations. This includes National questions and Oregon specific questions.

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Oregon Broker Pre-License Course Outline
1.Course 1: OREGON LAW - Unit A - Basics of Real Property Laws and Personal versus Real Property
2.Unit B Law - Real Property Measurements
3.Unit C Law - Title and Deeds
4.Unit D Law - Encumbrances
5.Unit E Law - The Closing Process
6.Unit F Law - Oregon Liens
7.Unit G Law - Land Use Restrictions
8.Unit H Law - Estate Law, Short Sales & Environmental Hazards
9.Unit I Law - Oregon Real Estate Law
10.Unit J Law - Foreclosures and Short Sales
11.Unit K Law - Income Producing Properties
12.Oregon Law Final Exam
13.Course 2: OREGON PRACTICES - Unit A
14.Unit B Practices - Oregon Real Estate Agencies
15.Unit C Practices - Property Valuation/CMA & Listings
16.Unit D Practices - Sales
17.Unit E Practices - Federal Acts
18.Unit F Practices - Types of Real Estate Companies
19.Unit G Practices - Trust Accounts, Agency, & Licensee Status Change
20.Oregon Practices Final Exam
22.Unit B Finance - Mortgages
23.Unit C Finance - Financing Documents
24.Unit D Finance - Definitions of Real Estate Practice
25.Unit E Finance - Types of Loans
26.Unit F Finance - Non-Governmental Loan Programs
27.Unit G Finance - CMAs and Valuation
28.Unit H Finance - Mathematical Calculations Used in Financing
29.Unit I Finance - Real Estate Math, Taxation and Financing
30.Unit J Finance - Loan Definitions, Interest and Amortization
31.Oregon Finance Final Exam
32.Course 4: Oregon Contracts - Unit A
33.Unit B Contracts - Listings
34.Unit C Contracts - Subdivided Land and Condominiums
35.Oregon Contracts Final Exam
36.Course 5: OREGON AGENCY LAW - Unit A
37.Unit B Agency Law - Define Agency
38.Oregon Agency Law Final Exam
40.Unit B Property Management - Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
41.Unit C Property Management - Economics of Property Management
42.Unit D Property Management - Types of Leases
43.Unit E Property Management - Agency Relationship Between Property Manager and Owner
44.Unit F Property Management - Tenant Relations and Maintenance
45.Unit G Property Management - Recordkeeping
46.Unit H Property Management - Anti-Discrimination Statutes
47.Oregon Property Management Final Exam
48.Course 7: OREGON BROKERAGE Unit A Brokerage - Advertising
49.Unit B Brokerage - Financial Records, Banking Trust Accounts and Closing
50.Unit C Brokerage - Office Facilities, Legal requirements and Discipline
51.Unit D Brokerage - Closing and Settlement
52.Unit E Brokerage - Financial Reports
53.Unit F Brokerage - Non Financial Records Listing and Transaction Records
54.Unit G Brokerage - Office Manuals Policies and Procedures
55.Unit H Brokerage - Office Activity Other than Real Estate Sales
56.Unit I Brokerage - Federal Laws
57.Unit J Brokerage - Advertising and Supervisory Roles
58.Oregon Brokerage Final Exam

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