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Oregon Brokerage Update
Oregon Brokerage Update
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Real Estate Brokerage Course (20 hours) This covers basic real estate brokerage, including the legal requirements for record-keeping and clients’ trust account reconciliation.

Oregon Brokerage Update # is a 20 clock hour individual course for Oregon State. If you need more than 20 clock hours to obtain or renew your license, please see our complete license packages.

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Oregon Brokerage Update Outline
1.Unit A Brokerage - Advertising
2.Unit B Brokerage - Financial Records, Banking Trust Accounts and Closing
3.Unit C Brokerage - Office Facilities, Legal requirements and Discipline
4.Unit D Brokerage - Closing and Settlement
5.Unit E Brokerage - Financial Reports
6.Unit F Brokerage - Non Financial Records Listing and Transaction Records
7.Unit G Brokerage - Office Manuals Policies and Procedures
8.Unit H Brokerage - Office Activity Other than Real Estate Sales
9.Unit I Brokerage - Federal Laws
10.Unit J Brokerage - Advertising and Supervisory Roles

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