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Oregon CE Practices
Oregon CE Practices
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Course Title: Oregon CE Practices
Clock Hours: 30
Course Number: OR.30.110117.06
MSRP: $199.00
Requires Final Exam: Yes, 48 question Final Exam. (Passing Score is 80% or higher)
Instructor: Eric Schram
Editor: EM,SN,JN
Last Updated On: 1/17/2011 @ 3:42 PM
Course Description: To provide a licensed agent with a better understanding of the real estate agent when working with buyers and sellers in behalf of their broker. It explains in detail the agent/principal relationship of the broker. This course will provide information on Oregon State laws of brokers representing the buyer or the seller. It also discusses real estate forms, procedures, ethics, legal responsibilities, and buyer/seller responsibilities. This is an Oregon Real Estate Agency approved course for Real Estate Practices.
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